Solar Panel Savings

Should I make the switch?

Why you may consider solar…

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Save on Utility Bills

You can save up to 25% on your monthly utility bill. That could be thousands of dollars per year!  


What would you do with some extra cash? Take a much needed vacation? Maybe, you’re looking forward to that next big purchase such as a new car?

Solar Panel Installation
Solar energy

Going Green

It’s no secret that common methods of energy production and consumption is damaging our planet. The emission of greenhouse gases from traditional energy sources is leading to climate change.


Changing to solar can provide peace of mind that you are doing your part in preserving our planet. What would you like to save?

Tax Credits

10% tax incentives can save you thousands every year. Additional savings can give you extra financial freedom.


What could even more additional savings do for you?

Solar energy installer

Prospero Perks

We want to take care of you. That is why we offer some of the greatest deals on solar panel installation.

Vivint home security

Receive a FREE Vivint Smart Home Security installation + 3 years monitoring


We offer a 25 year warranty on the solar panels that we install

No Upfront costs

You may qualify for solar WITHOUT any upfront costs – automatically save